A Visit to Seattle--2003

I had a wonderful visit with Brennan and Kari Connor in Seattle.

Riley, Flannery and Delaney What more could they ask? A daily walk with Dad

Time spent exploring the beaches---

Smelling the roses---

Playing in the parks---

I am lucky to get in on it all

Swimming in Lake Washington

Hanging on the bars

Brennan grills the chicken and corn for company--

Flannery washes the windows

Delaney helps Dad make key lime pie

Delaney shows Flannery the paints

Riley helps with the windows

Delaney gets a hug from Mom

A nite out at Bumbershoot

Bumbershoot offers something for everyone

A ride on the Space Needle

Flannery rides the carousel

Delaney on the flying carousel

Riley goes for a plunge

Kari finds a diamond on the beach and reports it; the police come to get it.

Delaney's last day at pre-school

I visit Pike's Market

David and Laura and Grandpa Ken come by for a visit on the way to the Olympic Peninsula.

Now Delaney is in kindergarten.

She'll miss the daily walks with Dad.

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