Postcards from Russia-1998

My sister Kathleen and I went on a Smithsonian Odyssey cruise--
along " Imperial Russian Waterways," during July, the white nights.
We both love Russian history and literature.
It was a magical journey, from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

We spent three nights in Copenhagen, our first stop, and visited Friederksburg, the Danish royal palace, and Elsinore, before flying on to Moscow and the Lev Tolstoy, our boat. With that base, we toured Moscow for several days, the Kremlin and its treasures, and the galleries-- the Tretyakov--the gallery of Russian art, and the Pushkin--the gallery for European art. I stopped to photograph every glorious gilded dome, especially the restored Church of Our Savior.
First stop: Copenhagen St. Basil's, Moscow

Who would have guessed that in the Kremlin are five churches.

Could I see your paintings of the domes?

Our Saviour


The Pushkin Gallery was wonderful!

in the Pushkin Gallery

The History Museum--Red Square

Since ours was a Smithsonian study tour, we were given classes in Russian language, music, economics, art, fairy tales, etc. Kathleen and I both love Russian literature, and came prepared with our favorite Russian authors. We stopped in Kostroma and were welcomed by musicians and toured the wooden village and Ipotievsky Monastery where Michael Romanov took refuge.
Everyday we stopped at another picturesque village of wooden houses and monasteries.

Settling in on the Lev Tolstoy

Locks are great!


Kostroma village musicians entertain us.


The best part of the day was the sail.

Another river boat making the return trip.


Stopping at Kirstroy

Unbelievable sunset tonight!


Houses for sale at Svirstroy.

Look! Another boat like ours!

Arch near Uglich

Kizhi Monastery

Irene and Kathryn, two lovely Bostonians.

Our smallish cabin

With Kathleen and the CEO of Odyssesy-America at the farewell party

St. Petersburg was the goal of our dream journey. Kathleen and I were both fans of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great and wanted especially to see all the sacred spots in the city and in Peterhof mentioned in the biographies of them that we had read.
From St. Petersburg we flew to Stockholm, where we saw the Vasso which sank in 1628 and we took a day trip to Dropningholm.


Our Savior on the Blood-Petersburg

The Summer Palace-Peter the Great's home in Petersburg.

Our official portrait at the Catherine Palace in Peterhof.

Tomb of Peter the Great

National Museum--Stockholm.

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