Christmas in Guanajuato, Mexico

We 19 elderhostelers quickly became friends as we explored the splendors of Guanajuato,
a capitol and a university town-- with an opera house,
a marvelous regional museum, a Cervantes museum and festival,
a Diego Rivera museum, many baroque churches and plazas, a splendid basilica.
We stayed at the Mision Guanajuato on the grounds of an old hacienda,
with a pool and a tennis court and extensive gardens.
From there we moved by bus to excursions to view mining towns like Valenciana,
and the Christo Rey statue on the highest point in Mexico.
We stayed also in San Miguel de Allende and Queretero,
learning from Chava Santa Cruz the history of Mexico and its revolution
in towns like Dolores Hidalgo, Bernal, Tquisquiapan, Atontonilco.
I liked the Noche Buena (the poinsetta and the beer),
the wandering lanes with glimpses into courtyards,
the nascimientos, the colorful Christmas piniatas, the gilded altarpieces--
I loved it all. Thanks to Geronimo, our host, and to all who made it so enjoyable.

Nuestra Senora de Guanajuato Basilica, with Peace statue in La Paz Square

The altar--Basilica of

The Aqueduct in Queretero stretches across the valley

The audience applauded Concert of Folk Singers in Queretero's Main Square

Chava Santa Cruz--our teacher/guide

The Tuna were among the favorites.

In Queretero --shopping again!

Courtyard in Queretero

Noche Buena on a courtyard fountain


Giant pinata in Queretero

Father Hidalgo cried out for independence at Nuestra Senora de las Dolores

Huge Retablo of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Queretero, Church of Santa Clara

Sta Clara, detail

Chava describes the facade of Nuestra Senora de las Dolores parish churc

In Queretero's Main Square I convinced the Three Kings that I had been very good.

Tquisquiapan's main square

Arturo leads the Posada singing for us.

Details from Santa Clara, Queretero

Angel confers Mitre

We joined in the posada.

Arturo and Chava join the men

Breaking the Pinata after the Posada

The Women of our group on the steps of the University of Guanajuato

San Jose with the Nino

Fountain in Queretero Regional Museum

The main attraction of San Miguel Allende is the San Miguel Parish Church.

Guanajuato has an Opera House!

View from the Opera House steps.

Next door to our hotel in Guanajuato was the San Gabriel Hacienda.

Main altar at San Cayetano, Valenciana

Darrell and Susanne Torrence from Wisconsin enlivened our party

Bernal is full of charming shops with works by local artesans.

Bernal Mission Church,
one of many founded by Junipero Serra

Bernal is known for its fine wool weavings.

A jalopy is a garden ornament in Bernal.

The Rock of Bernal

Bernal is just too charming!

Many North Americans study at the Negromonte Art School in San Miguel

Joseph and Mary wait in a Queretero church.

A life size Nino arrives only after Midnight Mass on Noche Bueno, Christmas Eve

Rafael and Shirley Brand were very kind and helpful to me.

A first communion in Queretero

Alice McCauley, Roselyn Frank, Penny Ball finishing coffee in Queretero

Marilyn Fead and I relaxed by the pool in Guanajuato

Christo Rey--highest point in Mexico

We admire a Harley gleaming in the middle of the town square in Bernal.


Noche Buena--Cerveza Especial for Christmas


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